College Societies, Extra-curricular & Co-curricular Units


Teacher-In-Charge: Dr. Mahaswetta Saikia

President: Rahul Arora


The Botanical Society of Hans Raj College ‘Botanique’ fosters to develop an interest in and understanding of botany. The society aims to integrate the young and inquisitive minds to come together under one common platform and give shape to their ideas as well as broaden their knowledge and skills by participating in various group activities.


            The society started its journey for the academic year July 2013-14 by organizing an inaugural function to introduce its newly elected members. On this occasion a scholar as well as an academician of repute, Dr. Arun Jagannath was invited to deliver a talk on some of the frontier areas of plant sciences. The session ended in an interactive session between the students and the speaker. On September 2013, a fresher’s welcome party for the first year FYUP botany students was hosted. The fresher’s party was an amalgamation of fun as well as an opportunity to the new batch of students to interact with their seniors and also to know their peers.

            The Society also organized various field trips. On 6th September, 2013 the 2nd year botany students along with faculty members of Department of Botany visited the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) Tughlakabad Institutional area, New Delhi. The trip was organized to create awareness amongst the students about the environmental problems in Delhi and its adjoining areas. On 10th October students of B.Sc. (Hons.) 3rd year, under the guidance of Dr. Monika Koul, visited the National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) at  Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi. Dr. Gitanjali Yadav, Staff Scientist III at the institute, introduced the students to a new field of computational biology by familiarizing them with a few tools and techniques such as Sequence Assembly, Gene Annotation and Cloud computing.

            Our students also participated in various extracurricular activities organized by other colleges of Delhi University and has won a number of prizes. Mr. Sandeep Kumar (3rd year botany student) has secured 2nd position in rangoli and 3rd position in poster making in the botanical fest organized at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi.

            The Botanical Society of Hans Raj College is finalizing the various events to be organize organized during February - March, 2014. The main event is the botanical fest “Floristics”, scheduled to be held in the last week of February, 2014 as well as a seminar. The Society will wind up its activities for the academic year 2013-2014 by awarding meritorious students and farewell function for the outgoing third year students 


English Debating Society
Teacher-in-charge : Dr. Meenakshi Malhotra
President : Ananya Kotia

The English Debating Society is one of the most active and prestigious societies in the college. With over 30 members, the society is an amalgamation of the brightest minds across a whole host of courses comprising Economics, History and Mathematics etc. The Society has had a long and illustrious history, during the course of which it has consistently produced and nurtured quality debaters, who have won numerous national & international debate competitions. The Debating Society traditionally organizes for main annual events - The Shanti Narayan Memorial National Debate, the Hans Raj Freshers' Parliamentary Debate, and  the Acropolis Parliamentary Debate. These events garner participation from all over the country and are attended by some of the best debaters across various universities.. In fact, the national standing of the Society is such that in 2011, over half the teams attending the Shanti Narayan Memorial Debate were from outside Delhi.

THe Hans Raj College Debating society has in a very short time established itself as one of the most prestigious societies of DU debating circuit. In 2009, we had a clean sweep at Wax Eloquent (Gargi) Parliamentary Debate where we won Best Team, Best Speakers as well as Best Adjudicator. We were finalists at Premchand Parliamentary Debate (Hindu College), National Law School Debate and Kremlin (Jesus & Mary College) and won best speaker at NLS International Parliamentary Debate. We also successfully organized the Shanti Narayan National Parliamentary Debate and are one of only two societies to hold both a fresher conventional and a fresher parliamentary tournament. These are only some of the many achievements of the society in just last one year. With a fresh batch of debaters we hope to even better our past record.


Teacher Incharge : Mr. Sanjiv N. Prasad
The Council
President : Abhimanyu Govind
Treasurer : Akarshana Verma
General Secretary : Karishma Malpani
Vice President : Aakanksha Gahlot
Editors, HELL : Shreya Gupta & Kshitij Katiyar
Creative Team Members : Alpana, Shana and Swati

"It is in literature that the concrete outlook of humanity receives its expression."

Insignia, The English Literary Society has, in every sense of the term, registered its share of prominence within a wider enigmatic phenomenon the name Hans Raj is synonymous with. With as many as 45 members, Insignia is one of the most significantly active and dynamic societies in the realm of college extracurricular activities. Seeking to enrich the student’s taste in anything that revolves around the concept of ‘literary’ and to provide them an environment which promotes interaction between some of the sharpest brains in the campus to foster a process of collective creative exchange and development, the society undertakes a plethora of activities including book reading sessions, movie discussion sessions., talks, seminars, orientation sessions, art and photography discussions and critical acumen building sessions. All the activities are aimed at broadening the horizons of the mind and empowering students to appreciate that slight gleam of ‘literary spark’ evidently experienced in matters of everyday life and vavarious art forms. We work in strong liaison with the literary societies of all the colleges around the campus along with notable tie ups with the Movie Club of Hansraj, Magic Lantern foundation, The Fountain Pen Guild Association, Westland Publishers and Markit Me Now.

Recent activities conducted by the society include a book reading session by ‘Judy Balan’ the author of ‘Two Fates

The society brings out an annual publication in the form of its newspaper H.E.L.L. which provides a forum for creative expression to all literary enthusiasts around the campus and invites students to explore their potential in any arena they identify with to empower them with a tool to voice their opinion and to help them take the first step towards shaping these small ideas into the changes they wish to bring about in the world around them.

Under the able guidance of our teacher Incharge, Mr. Sanjiv Prasad, our Council oordinates the activities executed by its body of 45 members  to achieve the above mentioned ends.

The Society is a welcome platform for all the people who love to put their brains together to ultimately join the dots between all the pieces of a jumbled up world around them. Say hello to a smarter way of thinking ...  welcome an era of creative genius coloured with strokes of freedom in expression ... welcome to Insignia !


History Society
Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. S.K. Srivastava
Seminar-in-Charge : Mr. Justin Mathew
President : Satyam Kumar

The Society began the academic year 2010-11 with a warm welcome to its first year students on 8 September 2010. The event was an exellent opportunity for the entire department and its members to know and interact with the new student members of the Society. Subsequently, on 16th December 2010, the Society organized a heritage walk to Chandni Chowk, which initiated the students of the department to observe the fine nuances of the Moughal City. 52 students of the department gotan opportunity to understand and appreciate the architecture of Shahjahanabad, especially Jama Masjid, Gali Guliyan havelis in Katra Khushul Rai, Digambar Jain Naya Mandir, Nauhgara and Paranthewali gali. The students were enthusiastic as they started seeing their most familiar city in a new light.

The department organized talks by the Belgian Indologist Dr. Keonard Ealst on the topic 'Ayodhya in History' and Greek Vedic scholar Nicholaov Kazanas on 'Vedic Culture and its Spread'. The Society also screened movies based on the ancient civilization; 'World History part I' and 'Spartacus'.

The annual Departmental festival "Samvat 11" was organized on 25-2-2011. While keeping the spirit of History alive, Samvat catered to the vivid interests of each student with its varied cultural & academic events. It also attracted good participation from students of several other colleges in the University. Dr. Aravind Sinha, an eminent Historian from the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, who has worked extensively on Modern Europe,  delivered the keynote lecture on 'Annales School'. It was a new opening for the history undergraduates, where they were introduced to the french tradition of historiography, which is rarely discussed in an undergraduate classroom with the budding historians.

Other programmes included a Student Paper Presentation Competition on the theme 'Silent Voices in History'. An inter-college debate competition on the topic "The Contemporary Relevance of History" was organized. Also, an inter-college quiz competition on the topic "The World After 1945". A photography competition themed on "The Cultural Landscape of Delhi" was organized too. The History Society also proposes organized a study trip to the historic monuments in Agra and Fatehpur Sikri in the week of March. The Department successfully organized its fifth annual Alumni meet in the third week of March. The Department is introducing the C.S. Jain Memorial Merit Award. THe award has been instituted by Mrs. Sushma Jain, wife of former colleague, Late Shri C.S.Jain.         


Teacher-in-Charge : Sonal Gupta
President : Sajal Sharma

Secretary: Abhinav Kumar

Swaranjali - MUSIC SOCIETY OF HANSRAJ COLLEGE,and the brainchild of Late Dr.Rachna Sharma, has established quite a name in the University music circuit for many years now, and the last year (2013-2014) has been another phenomenal year for the society, with lots of new achievements. From the beginning of the year, be it the annual cultural festivals of AIIMS,Lady Shri Ram College,IIT Delhi to the prestigious Mood Indigo,IIT Mumbai, Swaranjali has once again shown that it not only achieves benchmarks but also creates them afresh.

The year started with the ECA auditions where Hans Raj College selected 3 out of many participants who had applied for the limited ECA seat. Saptak Chattopadhyay(Hindustani classical vocalist) and Anirudh Verma (Western and Indian Classical Pianist) were selected. Out of very talented freshers who joined this year,4 were selected to join the society.

To add colour to the picture, a composition dedicated to Ganpati on Raag Bhairavi was added to the list of the society's choir ending with a Tarana.The choir has won a prize at every competition where this composition was presented, and also recieved abundant praise from known names in the Delhi music circuit.

Prateek Narsimha with his in depth knowledge of Ragas has swirled the audience with Indian classical compositions in the last three years.The mood of the audience has further been elevated by Jasleen Kaur who specializes in Shabad and Sufi and by the western vocalist Nirupan Sinha,who has established his name in the Delhi University circuit by bagging many prizes. To add to the achievements,the current fusion band Hansraj Projektb grabbed the first position at AIIMS, LSR, IIT Delhi and opened for Mohit Chauhan at Mood Indigio,IIT Mumbai.

The college society, Swaranjali was awarded the "Best Music Society" Award at Mood Indigo,IIT Mumbai(Asia's Largest festival of its kind) for the 2nd time in a row,as well as bagged the " Best Outstation College" Award.

One of the major additions to Swaranjali this year was the PLAYTIME - the western music band of the society ... they came second in IIT Mumbai. In all the efforts, the names of Niloy Ghosh,ILA Sharma,Arush Dutt Sharma,Vinayak Pant(Sitar player) and Sarthak Khera are worth mentioning.

The President along with the other senior members of the society introduced various reforms to the administration of the society and brought to the doorstep of the society various new avenues to expand its creative horizons. Most importantly, it was the support of our principal Dr. V.K. Kawatra and their Guru Ma Dr. Rachna Sharma that helped them bring their aspirations and dreams come to reality.       


Terpsichorean : Choreography Society
Teacher-in-Charge : Sonal Gupta
President :Lipika

Due to excellent performance in the 2009 season, we started the year with the position of being undefeated champions.

A lot of new talent came in and was soon assimilated into the society. Trained dancers through ECA prove to be a great advantage. All other colleges have 3 to 4 such admissions, hence have more trained dancers with them from the very beginning. We humbly look forward for provision regarding more number of ECA seats exclusively reserved for choreography.

The society worked harder and for longer period of time to adopt and modify various different dance forms from the national and international level in our choreography.

We began the year with our first performance at IIT Delhi and then from then on have dominated the choreography circuit at the inter-college as well as the national level.

The year, society made an effort to touch a very unconventional idea of how creativity is being endangered in the present scenario. Its production 'TRAIL', is a reality check on how man, obsessed with an existing thing of beauty, simply copies the procedure to reach the end result, overlooking the eternal joy of a new creation of his own.

Due to our brilliant run of success, a number of television and print media bodies presented stories featuring us and our college. The list of television media includes some prominent channels such as NDTV Metro nation, Doordarshan, CNBC, TV18 and AajTak amongst others. Newspapers such as the Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Dainik Jagran Jagran have also had columns regarding chorography with our college and society name being prominently featured in all. The society also went on air with the radio channel "Fever 104".

The Society also represented the college at various other fest in Delhi Dance Fever, Miranda Kouse, SRCC, Youth Nexus, Lady Irwin College and Kirorimal College.

The Society, Known for its grandeur onstage, has gathered appreciation and accolades all over, its few of its members repeatedly being acknowledged as best stage presenters.

The Society comprehend its philanthropic duties and extended its horizons reaching our for social causes. It performed for Smile for All, a renowned NGO, working towards the noble cause of blood donation. The society helped smiles by talking dance workshops for small children at their event. Versatility and diversification has always been the biggest strengths of the society. It was a part of the musical production of the college that inculcates dance, drama and music. The society has been associated with renowned with dance schools and choreographers and had workshops with Delhi fame Feroz from INDIA DANS TEARCHER and international choreographers Nicholina.

We have been offered dance scholarship by National Ballet Company.

The society not only created a niche for itself in the choreography circuit but has won group dance competitions at colleges like AMITY INTERNATIONAL and NDIM at SIRI FORT, edging over western dance teams and street dance teams from various college and universities from all over Delhi.

We endeavour to give many more exuberating performances in the forthcoming years and set a benchmark in choreography scenario under the patronage of Hans Raj College.


Hindi Literary Society
Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar Shukla
President : Vikas Sindhu

The Hindi Literacy Society is constituted by the Hindi Department. Its main objective is to promote academic activities. The formal inaugration of the society activities was made on 15th November 2010, when welcome function was organized for newly joined students of the Department. Poems, songs, jokes, dance and other performences of the students made this function enjoyable and entertaining. A seminar was organised on 26th October, 2010, in which prof. Prem Singh and Dr. Puran Chand Tandon delivered valuable lecture on the topic 'Modern Hindi Literature'. Another seminar was organized on 17th March 2011, on the topic 'The History of Hindi Literature ' in which Dr. Srinivas Sharma and Dr. Sudhir Sharma thoroughly discussed aadikal, bhaktikal and ritikal. The active involvement of various students made this event a memorable and interesting. Third Year students of the Department will be given farewell in the month of April.


Dramatics Society

Teacher In-charge : Sonal Gupta
President : Purusharth Budhiraja

The Hansraj Dramatics Society was established in 1987 and has held a name in the Delhi University theatre circuit for many years.
The Society is sought after by many students seeking admission in the college through the ECA quota in theatre. There were a large number of applicants, from which 30 were shortlisted and after rigorous rounds of auditions, 2 ECAs were selected.
The Beginning of the year saw an unprecedented number of applicants eager to join the society. The auditions went on for a gruelling three days after which the society found 30 new members from among freshers and second year students, to make up the Hans Raj Dramatics Society 2013-2014.
This year, the society came up with one street play and one Hindi stage play.
The Street play 'Rehaayi' directed by Hansa Malhotra and Aayushi Rathi, focuses on the issue of Rehabilitation of Mentally Unsound Criminals. It targets the Mental Health Act of 1987, that, on paper does order for these criminals to be given proper treatment in psychiatric hospitals, but is not implemented efficiently. As a step forward, we have also signed a petition, urging the Government to take serious action towards the efficiency of this act. The play has been performed at various events in Delhi and NCR, including IIT Delhi, LSR College, VIPS, Channel V Indiafest and has also given public performances in marketplaces where it was much appreciated. It will shortly be performing at the Ateliers Youth Theatre Festival 2014 and also for the Sahityakala Parishad.
The Hindi Stage play- ‘Holi’ by Mahesh Enkulchwar, Directed by Purusharth Budhiraja and Anil Kumar, is a story about a bunch of hostel friends Gopal, Ranjit, Srivastav, Laloo, Madhav and Anand among others, who come with all sorts of temperaments and histories, shows the happenings of a day in their lives. What started off as a normal day, changes the students’ entire lives by the end of it. The play has also performed at various events in Delhi and NCR including IIT Delhi, Channel V Indiafest and at VIPS, where it stood 3rd and was much appreciated.
The society is known and recognized for always taking up topics and themes that are off the beaten path and we keep adding new elements to the way we perceive and practice theatre. None of the heights our society has reached would have been possible without the support of our principle Dr. V.K. Kawatra and our teacher in-charge Mrs. Sonal Gupta.

Teacher-in-Charge : Avnish Kumar
President : Hemant Joshi

The Society organised a lecture under the "Bhartiya Bandhak Virasat Vayakhanmala" lecture series on December 7,rds to 2010, which was delivered by prof. Dharamveer, Ex- Principal of Dayanand College, Ajmer under the topic "Traityawad- Rishi Dayanand ki Drishti Main". He described the views of the Swami Vivenkanand with regards to acceptance of veads and also higlithted his social philosophy. Large number of students and teachers from different colleges participated in the lecture.

An academic trip was also organised to visit hehistorical places of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri for overall development of the students.


ORDINATEAUR : The Computer Science Society

The Society welcomed its new members at the freshers welcome. They were presented with sweat shirt. The annual fest Cynosure was also organised. The society also came up with departmental blog which became and important forum for the students to interact with each other.


Teacher-in-Charge : Mr. Bharat Bhushan
Convenor : Ms. Beauty Das
 Web site :
Update : upcoming Commerce Fest Vanijya Utsav

The Commerce Society is the official organisation of the Department of Commerce which is formed with the vision of:
1. Acting as a synonym to professionalism and a body that believes in the quality of the events
2. Stimulating the business instinct in the students.
3. Providing a platform for integrated personality development of the students by way of educational activities.
4.Ensuring the prevalence of an environment which facilitates the students to learn and grow.
5. Ensuring that each students is aware of the buzz in the business world.
with the same vision the ever progressing Commerce Department feels immense pleasure in sharing this year's board of members that has been selected after application screening and a rigorous interview process under the guidance of Teacher In charge Mr. Bharat Bhushan and the Society Convenor Ms. Beauty Das.
The commerce Society consists of 31 active members including the core Committee Members.The society aspires to take the society to the zenith of excellence by way of following events:
1. Freshers'Welcome Ceremony'
2. Educational Monthly Events.
3. Interactive seminars and workshops.
4. Industrial Visits.
5. Annual Departmental Festival-"Vanijya Utsav"
6. Farewell-Bidding Goodbye to the Seniors.
Our quest of reaching the vision in not only incited by the enthusiasm the team shows in organizing various events but more importantly by the acknowledgements and appreciation we recieve which works as a magic wand.We welcome volunteers and all students to approach us with suggestions,queries and creative ideas to help us reach our vision.
You can always get in touch with us through the help desk of our website(
Mani Bansal(President)

Ishita Bansal(Vice President)



Dr. Preeti Dharmaraha


Dr. Arvind Yadav


Subhendu Bundel

Vice President

Medha Agarwal

General Secretary

Ankit Chaturvedi

Joint Secretaries

Sidharth Mehra & Vikas Lamba

Programme Coordinators

Yamini Aggarwal & Umang Saxena


At the grass root of anything is MATHEMATICS. The role of mathematics can’t be undermined. The Department of mathematics has a very active Mathematics Society “Pi” that promotes the interest of the students in the subject by organising seminars and other activities which bring out the creativity with mathematics.

The session 2013-14 began with a very warm welcome of the freshers .

The society also organised a seminar on “Mathematics and Politics”. The speaker was an eminent mathematician, Dr. Sudeshna Basu from George Washington University, Washington DC. Later a seminar on “Symmetry on Mathematics” was organised and the speaker was Dr. Kalyan Bidhan Sinha from Statistics & Mathematics Unit, Delhi Centre, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI).

The annual cultural fest of society “Identity 2014” held on 11th February 2014 was a great success.

The society plans to hold a National Conference on “Advances in Mathematics” on 7th -8th March 2014.

The years’ activities will close with a farewell party organised for the 3rd year students by their juniors. 


Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Navankur Society was established with the help of students five years ago. Project preparation (assignments), cassette recording, writing answer sheets in examination etc. are some of the objectives of the society. Our students have continuously worked in these activities for university and other colleges throughout the year. Mahendar Prajapti and other (around 50-60) students have helped more than 2,000 visually challenged students in their academic and other activities, which got wonderful result. More than 50 students have got government or private jobs with the help our students. The Society organizes various cultural, literary and academic activities for students. The academic year 2010-11 is important because various activities were organised during this period, which includes a seminar organised on 11th November, 2010 on the topic 'Samkleen Hindi Sahitya Tatha Vividh'  in which Prof. Shivraj Singh Bechain. Prof. Prem Singh and Dr. Kusum Lata Presented their views.

On 27th Jan. 2011, the Society organized a declamation contest for visually and otherwise challenged students, in which more than 60 students participated.



Scarcity of resources leads to evolution of economics as a separate discipline. Lace of good educational institutes to cater to needs of undergraduates in Economics forced the evolution of Hans Raj College's Economics Department as finest and one of its own kinds. Economic Department develops the students not only as a Budding Economist but also grooms their overall personality by regular interactions among faculty and students. In turn these interaction develop into lifelong bond.

The Department also has a vibrant Economics Society that promotes students' interests in the subject by organizing activities with their enthusiastic involvement. The Society bring out an annual economics journal, "Okonomos" to which students contribute and share their skills. Throughout the year council has organised seminars on studying aboard and on economics related topics. One such guest lecture was held in January 2011 when Dr. Ashwini Deshpande of the Delhi School of Economics enlightened the students about the economics of discrimination. This was followed by a felicitation ceremony for the economics council 2009-10.

The Department organised the annual economics festival, 'Ecollouium', on 11th and 12 the March 2011. This year's festival included various events namely general quiz, mock stock, model United Nation, parliamentary debate, product designing and ad-lib. Two new events, IPL Budding and the Economist, have been added this year. There were also some informal events such as Euclid charade, click graffiti and treasure hunt. The chief guest for the festival was Mr. Mihir Makand, country need Clinton Foundation. He also anchors prime time news of the esteemed news channel NDTV Profit.

The Economics Department of Hans Raj Collge takes pride in being among the best department for the study of Economics at the undergraduate level.It comprises a young and dynamic faculty with diverse specialization /  interest. Faculty here contributes not only by providing their skills towards class room but also lending their rest of time to research. Alka Kacher Associate Professor, Department of Economics, conducted a detailed study on "Effect of Proposed Amendments to copyright Act on the Indian Music Industry". The report was submitted to the Standing Committee of the Parliament That has been constituted to look into the amendments. The research looked at the economic effect of charge in artists' and performers' right as proposed in the amendments. It was a combination of institutional detail with an economic approach. The report gave a detailed evaluation of the implication of current Copyright Act and the economic effects of proposed changes using a theoretical microeconomic model and empirical analysis.


Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Monika Kaul
Student Coordinator :  Sachin Kumar, Vijay Tyagi, Gagan



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