Department of Zoology

This course offers an opportunity for a comprehensive study of animal biodiversity, cell & molecular biology, ecology,  physiology,  and environmental management etc through class-room lectures, practicals, interactive sessions & field studies. Graduates in the subject can opt for post-graduation in zoology, life-science, bio-technology, biochemistry, toxicology, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, and veterinary sciences Applied post-graduate courses in agricultural entomology, pharmaceutical sciences, forestry & wildlife can also be pursued. Faculty members are very dedicated & highly qualified in their respective fields of specialization. We perhaps won't we overstating if we say that our Department enjoys quite simply the top reputation in zoology in the entire university. Every year we draw quality students from almost all over the country. Perahps a good pointer to the quality of our academic caliber would be the fact that all our classes are almost full from the very first year (semester) till the last ... and there being very few drop-outs (if at all). Year after year our students fare very well in examinations, and invariably occupy the top slots in the university results.

The new semester course that has been effective from the academic year 2010-2011 has been prepared keeping in view the unique requirements of B.Sc. (H) Zoology students. The contents have been drawn-up to accommodate the widening horizons of the discipline of Biological Sciences. They reflect the current changing needs of the students; specifically, the subjects on Mathematics and Statistics and Computation skills have been included. A special feature of this program has been the introduction of six new papers on Cell & Molecular Biology and Genetics that cover major disciplines in newer areas of Biological Sciences where a tremendous progress has been made during the past decade. A new paper on Biotechnology will also provide a glimpse of the application aspect. While the endeavor is to provide the student with the latest, nevertheless the classical zoology has been given due weightage. The course content also lists the new practical exercises so that the students get a hands-on experience of the latest techniques that are in current usage.

The Department boasts of a very well-stocked library, and the books are provided even to our post-graduate students. We have as many as five state-of-the-art laboratories, run by very experienced staff. Almost every laboratory has a net-enabled computer for students' use. All the laboratories are stocked with top-quality equipment & instruments. Our centrally-located museum is literally a hub of student-activity, as besides housing innumerable animal specimens, it also provides ample seating space. We routinely run some additional classes even in the museum. Students can be found spending hours in the library and the museum whenever they are free. Besides our own departmental library, books to our students are made available from the central library of the college too. We also maintain our own animal house, where we stock the entire year's supply of preserved animals to be used by the students for some of their laboratory work.

Faculty Members

V.K. Kawatra (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Associate Professor (Offg. Principal)
Ms. Shashi Dhingra (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Associate Professor
Ms. Neelam Gandhi (M.Sc. Ph.D.) Associate Professor
Ms. Hardeep Kaur (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Associate Professor
Dinesh Kumar Gautam (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Assistant Professor (Teacher-In-Charge)

Ms. Vandana Km. Singh (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Assistant Professor
Lokesh Chandra Mishra (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Assistant Professor : profile
Ms. Kaveri Chakrabarty (M.Sc., Ph.D.) Assistant Professor :

[ Listing of our former teaching colleagues ]

Non-teaching Staff

Vijay Kumar : Laboratory Assistant
Jagan Nath  : Laboratory Assistant
Phool Chand : Laboratory Assistant
Bhupesh Thakur : Laboratory Assistant
Ms. Chetna Kapoor : Laboratory Assistant
Anil Kumar : Laboratory Assistant 
Zahid Ali : Laboratory Attendant
Rakesh Kr. Pandey : Laboratory Attendant
Saurabh Rana : Laboratory Attendant
Santosh : Laboratory Attendant



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