About Hansraj College- A Brief Introduction

About Hansraj College- A Brief Introduction

Mahatma Hans Raj, the man in whose memory this college has been founded was a great nationalist at heart, besides being an educationist and a religious organizer. He was also an untiring relief worker and social reformer, organizing relief work during earthquakes at Kangra (1905), Quetta (1934), Bihar (1935), famines of Rajasthan (1905), Awadh (1907), and Garhwal (1918). He upheld widow remarriage and strongly advocated the abolition of early marriages and caste distinctions. By his efforts he turned Arya Samaj and DAV institutions into effective instruments of social upliftment and moral regeneration.

About Mahatma Hans Raj

Mahatma Hans Raj was born on 19 April 1864 in the hamlet of Bajwara in district of Hoshiarpur in Punjab, in a family of modest financial means. His father Lala Chunnilal was an appeal nawis and mother Hardevi was a simple housewife. When Hans Raj was 12 years old his father died putting the family to severe economic strain. Fortunately for Hans Raj his elder brother Muluk Raj got a scholarship of Rs.8/- per month which also enabled Hans Raj to pursue his studies. He started his career as Honorary Founder Head Master of DAV High School Lahore in 1886 at the age of 22. In 1889 when DAV College was established in Lahore he became its honorary Principal, identifying himself completely with the college. DAV College Lahore became an important centre of learning, inculcating among its students the qualities of discipline and self-sacrifice. He opened many more institutions in other important places and guided the destiny of DAV institutions for fifty years. He breathed his last in 1938. Mahatma Hans Raj may truly be acknowledged as the founding father of the DAV movement. Hans Raj College lives up to the values and ideals of this great soul who lived and sacrificed his entire life for the ideals he believed in and practiced.

About Delhi University constituent college Hans Raj

Hans Raj College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi and a premier institution of the DAV Managing Committee – the largest non-government educational organization of the country. After partition DAV Managing Committee decided to set up its institutions in India and the first to be set up was DAV College Ambala . On July 26, 1948 the college was set up in memory of Mahatma Hans Raj (1882-1938) the founder of DAV College Lahore and a pioneer in the field of education.

About Founder of Hans Raj College

Dr G L Dutta who had earlier been appointed the Principal of DAV College Ambala was appointed as the founding Principal of Hans Raj College. The college had a modest beginning, functioning from the west wing of DAV Higher Secondary School on Chitragupta Road, Delhi. There were 313 students on the rolls. The college offered preparatory courses in Arts and Sciences, B A (Pass), B A (Hons.) in Sanskrit, Hindi, English and Mathematics. An honour in Economics was added after some time. Students were also enrolled for B.Sc (Gen.) and (Hons.) courses but the classes for these were held in the university. The Post-graduate courses were also conducted in the university while the college only managed their tutorial schemes. During this period of infancy the college continued to flourish as a result of the dedication and hard work of the teachers and students and the administrative staff of the college. Several prominent persons graced the college under the auspices of the various academic societies set up in the college.